Dak Prescott Injury Unveiled: A 100% Comprehensive Analysis of the Road to Recovery

Introduction to Dak Prescott Injury

Rayne Dakota Prescott was born on july 29, 1993. He played football in the college at Mississippi state, he received first team where twice all SEC honours, and he was selected in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Cowboys.

He is a quarterback american football for the dallas cowboys in the national football league.

Originally signed as a backup quarterback, Prescott started for the Cowboys in his rookie campaign after starting quarterback Tony Romo sustained an injury during the preseason.

He went on to win Offensive Rookie of the Year after leading the Cowboys to the #1 seed in the National Football Conference (NFC) and setting multiple rookie quarterback records. Since then, Prescott has managed the Cowboys to three Pro Bowl appearances and two more division titles. He was awarded the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year title in 2022.

Many were taken aback by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ announcement on Tuesday morning that Dak Prescott would not be placed on injured reserve, which would have prevented the starting quarterback from participating in the team’s remaining four games.

It was initially estimated that he would recover from his thumb injury in six to eight weeks. Jones seems to be thinking more along the lines of four.

“Jones stated on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, “We feel very good after surgery, listening to the medical people, that Dak has a real chance to be back out there throwing the ball pretty quick.” “Nobody in medicine is good at predicting when players will be ready to play, so if we believed he wouldn’t be ready until after four games, we would put him on injured reserve. That’s not what we’re doing”.

“We don’t want him to stop practicing because we believe he can come in and play. We want him to get ready. We’ll also watch how he manages this, how it heals, and most importantly, how strong he is, how well he can grip the ball, and how he is doing.”

What is the difference between an intra-articular and extra-articular fracture, and how serious is this injury?

McKeon: “From what they’ve told me, I believe he broke his first metacarpal, which is the bone at the base of his thumb.” If that bone fractures intra-articularly, the fragment enters the joint. If the joint is involved, that is a far more serious injury. The joint that allows you to move your thumb in a circle is located at the base of your thumb. It’s a vital joint because it allows us to have opposable thumbs. Any kind of pinch or grip applies a lot of force to it, as a quarterback is likely to do frequently. That joint is significantly more seriously injured if there is an intra-articular fracture.

One of the reasons Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott believes NFL games should be played on grass is because he suffered a horrific ankle injury on AT&T Stadium’s artificial turf in 2020.

Prescott stated he agrees with the NFL Players Association that grass should be the only surface in the NFL. The debate between grass and turf has intensified since Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles on the turf at MetLife Stadium.

Yes, I’m definitely a grass guy… That is greatly influenced by my injury, Prescott stated. The way players are being tackled in this game and how physical it is—I think playing on grass is much safer than playing on turf.

“Treating an extra-articular fracture that does not involve the joint is far easier. He would likely be out until his bone is strong enough to allow him to return to impact activities without too much risk, as any bone takes four to six weeks to heal. After that, a lot will depend on how soon he can regain his strength and throwing technique. And it varies quite a bit amongst patients. The timeline I’ve heard them provide is probably at least six weeks. That seems reasonable to me. Depending on when he can regain the ability to throw with confidence and accuracy, he might be able to make a comeback in six weeks, though eight is more likely.”

To what extent does the plate aid?

McKeon: “He would still be susceptible to injuries nearby, but theoretically it would stop additional damage in that exact spot. In actuality, there is essentially the same chance of injury overall. The plate becomes somewhat unnecessary after the bone surrounding it has healed.

Prescott stated that the league ought to want the players to play on a surface that enables them to be at their healthiest and best given how much money the players bring in for the organization.

It’s taxing on our bodies, Prescott remarked. “You want the best product on the field at all times because this is a billion-dollar business.”

Jerry Jones and the other owners disagree with Prescott’s viewpoint, despite the fact that it is widely shared by the players.

What is the frequency of this injury?

McKeon: “I don’t know the details of his injury, but extra- and intra-articular injuries are fairly common.. We constantly witness them in our football players. We observe them in people even in day-to-day interactions.

What risk does Prescott have from returning too soon?

McKeon: “There’s a chance you could break the plate.” The plates are made of metal, but metal can get old just like a paper clip. It might shatter. Thus, if the bone hasn’t healed, that area remains weak and could still sustain damage if he were struck in the wrong spot once more. It’s undoubtedly much harder to go back and edit something like that than it is to do it correctly the first time. Until they are certain that he won’t be in danger of reinjury and that the bone itself is strong enough to support that area in addition to the plate, they won’t release him.

It was a much cleaner fracture than it could have been, according to Prescott. What is meant by that?

McKeon: “Given the information we currently have, I would assume that he means that the joint is not actually involved, even though the initial diagnosis may have indicated that the joint was involved. Another possibility is that, if the joint was affected, there was just one fracture rather than several, which would obviously be preferable. It is always preferable to have fewer joint injuries than more.

Prescott would have had the surgery Sunday night if he could have, according to Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy. They wait until the following day; why?

“Well, you want the A-team there,” said McKeon. The personnel with expertise is what you want. The people you regularly collaborate with are the ones you want. Those familiar with the implant are familiar with its operation. You desire a seamless surgical procedure. In all honesty, waiting until the following day won’t affect his recuperation. It makes much more sense to wait until the following day rather than rushing things and working with the B-team in the middle of the night.

Is it really possible to return in four weeks? Ever witness such a speedy recovery from that kind of thumb injury?

McKeon: “It is improbable but not impossible.” In one to two weeks, he might be allowed to resume throwing if the surgeon determines that the fixation was extremely secure. This would give him enough time to rebuild his strength and be ready to return in four weeks. That seems overly optimistic to me; six weeks is a much more reasonable time to expect a return.

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