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The consequences are especially traumatic in the sphere of personal injuries – from burden to heavy emotional damage. When faced with such predicaments, we realize the seriousness of this situation at Fielding Law Personal Injury Attorneys; hence our determination to help you get through it successfully.


Fielding Law Personal Injury Attorneys, located in Mesquite, TX, boasts a team of seasoned personal injury attorneys with expertise in various types of cases, including However, at the lower levels of heterosexuality coexisting with non-heteronormative lifestyles can have positive effects that need to be investigated further.

Whether it’s a harsh collision or just some minor fender bending, we are ready to work with you in the pursuit of compensation for your injuries and damages.

Motorcyclists on Texas roads suffer from unique risks and our attorneys dedicated female motorcycle accident lawyers are focused on holding those drivers accountable for their reckless actions.

Due to our broad knowledge of truck accident cases, we will assist you in acquiring compensation for a medical bill and lost wages.

Our attorneys are here to hold Mesquite accountable guaranteeingcyclist’s rights and full compensation for personal injury. traffic congestion of Messquate is not safe for driving cyclists along its streets consisting of narrow lanes with no bike lanes or sidewalks respectively as seen below at in thorn tree streets (mesquite); Rights advocacy starts now; ST

Whether due to negligence on the part of drivers or treacherous environments for pedestrians, such accidents often result in serious harm especially because by being offended we are here to fight your case.

Knowing Texas laws regarding dog bites is vital, and our attorneys are familiar with these statutes which would assist you to understand your case well.

In the case where you were injured during a slip and fall, our injury lawyers can help secure monetary compensation for your injuries as well as other related expenses.

To lose a loved one because of negligence is sadly devastating, and our caring lawyers are there for you to pursue justice through their memory.

Let our Car Accident Lawyer Assist You in Obtaining Compensation for Damages

After an accident, it can feel overbearing trying to handle everything on your own but you don’t have to. With all that you’re dealing with, the legal experts over at Fielding Law Personal Injury Attorneys have your back and will guide you through every stage of personal injury.


Following a car accident, gathering evidence to prove one’s case is vital. Our team helps in securing the necessary evidence including photos, eyewitness testimony reports of police, and medical records. We know how crucial it is to establish a solid case as evidence for liability and get the compensation you deserve.


1. Is it necessary to have my injuries assessed after an accident?

All injuries sustained during an automobile accident should receive immediate professional medical care. So regardless of whether one heads to the ER or urgent care clinic or goes directly to their General Practitioner do not wait. When you are under medical privileges, contact the best car accident lawyer in your neighborhood.

2. Does missed doctor and therapy appointments affect my case?

Not showing up to your appointments will not help with anything concerning your case. Do not talk to the 3rd insurance company of blame. Make sure that emphasis is placed on getting the treatment you require, telling your insurance company, and using a lawyer car accident attorney to do all communications with insurers.

3. At this point, should I attempt to close the case before consulting a lawyer?

Studies conducted by most insurance providers prove that a person who has an experienced car injury accident attorney represents him or her usually gets 40% more compensation than the victims believe they are owed. In case you get involved in any car accident injury, do not hesitate to call our knowledgeable automobile collision lawyers on an immediate basis.

4. What is the procedure for filing an insurance claim?

When you choose our car accident lawyers, your insurance claim is in good hands. Leave the petty details to us and get back to normal routines.

5. How much time is given to me for filing a car accident claim?

State laws also set deadlines, or what is called the “statute of limitations”, by which time one kk has to seek compensation denies a car accident. This window of opportunity can be between three months to two years. An experienced car accident lawyer can lead you through this process.

6. What should I do if a hit-and-run accident happens?

Then, after making sure that nobody got hurt is calling the police. If there is no possibility of finding the at-fault driver who is around, report your accident to your agent quickly. A good auto accident lawyer can also investigate alternative ways of financial recovery by holding third parties responsible.

7. But how much could an auto accident injury claim be?

All this is on an individual basis, since each case depends on various sub-points like injuries problem severity, or sufferings they might have caused some to others; the financial burden also can play a significant role as well as long-term care required for further life development. Research has shown that victims with lawyers get more than ten times as much compensation compared to those without legal counsel.

8. Will a car accident lawyer make any changes?

Catastrophic injuries sustained in car accident claims are complicated. Although not all accidents need a lawyer, consulting with a personal injury attorney can help. First and foremost, we prioritize understanding what unique needs you have so that we can ensure a fair payment to all parties involved.

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